Stopping a runaway train is probably an easier job than convincing the former band members of the Black Tartan Clan to end their musical journey. After a little hiccup at the end of 2017 due to line-up changes, the kilt-wearing members replenished their ranks and performed a name change to “Black Tartans”. With strength in numbers, the new line-up consists of 7 members and comes with a broad experience in both live and studio work.

On a musical level the band continues to bring an energetic blend of bagpipes, banjo, punk rock and Celtic influences in line with their examples such as Dropkick Murphys, Pipes and Pints, Real McKenzies and others.

After about 20 years, a bagpipe has little or no secrets to Mac Hoze. He was part of several Pipe Bands before starting Black Tartan Clan together with 4 others. Since the beginning, the mixture of his bagpipes and the other instruments formed the main characteristics of the sound of BTC.
Besides Black Tartans, Mac Hoze is also active in the pipe Band he created with some friends (the Pipes, Drums and Bikes pipe band) and he divides his muscial energy between these two, continuing in this way the adventure started 10 years ago.

Mac Dee, the out-of-control drummer whom we affectionately refer to as "Animal", is a super fan of hard rock and heavy metal, and was part of the first line-up of the Black Tartan Clan.
His influences are Mikkey Dee (Motörhead) / Cozy Powell (Rainbow) and Richard Kolinka (Téléphone).
Among his favorite bands are Kiss, Motörhead and the Rolling Stones

Since 2002, Mac Sly has been around the metal/hxc scenes as a singer or bass player in groups like " Bombtrigger ", " Coverhate Noise of War ", " LBM " and " No Brain ".
After a 3 years' absence, he crossed paths with members of the Black Tartan Clan which very quickly resulted in a good relation and a friendship. This would inspire him to take over the microphone and entertain the Black Tartans with his loud laughter, his singing and gin...

As a kid he wanted to become a drummer, but he picked up the guitar when he was 14. From 2015 to 2018, he was active in the metalcore group “Bring Burden”, but differences in opinion made him quit. After a 2-years hiatus he joined “No Brain” and got acquainted with Mac Sly.

Not long after that, he joined Black Tartans.

Surrounded by Celtic culture since his early childhood, he first started a classic training (violin, clarinet), then percussion in numerous Pipe Bands before he launched himself in 2008 onto the rock scene with the Black Tartan Clan!
As the player of multiple instruments, he brings a ‘dancing’ touch to the Black Tartans with his banjo but also with other instruments to come…


30 years ago, Mac White was asked to play with Deus, which he refused because they played Pixies covers.

No-compromise metal and crossover were the only things that interested him, and that was what he did with his group Nergal, in which he sang and played the guitar.
But 5 years in Moscow, workaholism and married life put a stop to all that.
Everything changed when he met Black Tartans' predecessors. It would become his mission to join them, no matter which instrument he had to play. And that became the bass.